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May the 4th fun: Wield a DIY lightsaber pillow

Celebrate Star Wars Day with lightsaber pillows that let you duel without worrying about losing a limb! Crave's Bonnie Burton shows you how to make them.

Bonnie Burton/CNET

Lightsaber duels can be deadly due to the elegant weapon's laser-hot blade. But with these soft and cozy lightsaber pillows, you and your friends can reenact your favorite "Star Wars" duels without losing a limb!


What you need:
* Fleece fabric in red, blue, green, gray, and black

* Sewing needle

* Fabric glue

* Thread the same color as the fleece

* Stiff foam or pool noodle

* Cotton or polyester quilt batting

* Masking tape

* Scissors

How to make lightsaber pillows:
1. Cut the foam or pool noodle to the length of the lightsaber you want for your pillow.

2. Wrap quilt batting around the foam/noodle for extra padding and secure with masking tape.

3. Place wrapped foam on red, blue, or green fleece (depending on which lightsaber color you want) and measure how long you want the blade. Keep in mind you'll want one-third of the foam to be covered in gray or black fleece for the lightsaber's hilt.

4. Cut the colored (red, blue, or green) fleece for your lightsaber color, wrap it around the foam and secure with straight pins. Sew it on, and take out the pins.

5. Wrap the space left over for the lightsaber's hilt in gray or black fleece and secure with straight pins. Then sew on. Take out pins.

6. Each Jedi or Sith Lord has a very specific hilt design for his or her lightsaber. Search online for images of lightsabers owned by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other characters to see their specific designs, or make up your own. Using leftover fleece scraps cut long rectangles or other hilt designs and sew or glue them onto your design.

7. Have a pillow fight worthy of Star Wars Day!

This is the third in a series of original craft DIYs I'm posting this week in the days leading up to May the 4th. See the first two, a Princess Leia hair bun headband and a Chewbacca tablet cozy. And if you make any of these crafts, be sure to send a photo, and a few words about your adventure, to Crave at cnet dot com, with "Star Wars craft" in the subject line. We might share your photo with CNET readers.