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May the 4th fun: 'Star Wars' action figure magnets

Let Greedo hang out on your fridge reminding you to celebrate "Star Wars" Day -- and pick up some blue milk. Crave's Bonnie Burton shows you how to make this very simple craft.

Let Greedo shop first with this handy "Star Wars" magnet craft. Bonnie Burton/CNET

For all you "Star Wars" fans who don't think you have the Jedi skills to craft, this may be the easiest project yet. All you need are extra action figures, glue, and round magnets, and before you know it, the entire cast of "Star Wars" is hanging out on your fridge. These make great gifts too.


What you need:
* "Star Wars" action figures

* Round magnets

* Strong Epoxy glue

How to make "Star Wars" action figure magnets:
1. Pick out a "Star Wars" action figure from your collection that would make a great magnet. Keep in mind that the bigger the action figure, the larger the magnet you'll need.

2. Glue a round magnet to the back of your action figure. Let dry.

3. Put a coat of clear nail polish on the magnet so it won't leave marks on your refrigerator. Let dry.

4. Place magnet on your refrigerator. Make more action figure magnets and pretend they're fighting over your grocery list in the name of the Empire. You can also add multiple magnets to "Star Wars" toy vehicles to reenact your favorite scenes on the fridge.