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May the 4th fun: Javva the Hutt coffee cup sleeve

Drink up while showing "Star Wars" pride. Crave's Bonnie Burton shows you how to make a handy coffee cup sleeve featuring Industrial Light & Magic's cafe mascot, Javva the Hutt.

Unlike crime lord Jabba the Hutt, Javva the Hutt wants you to enjoy a cappuccino without hurting your hand. Bonnie Burton/CNET

Drinking a hot beverage can be uncomfortable without a sleeve around the paper cup. Now "Star Wars" fans can sip away without melting their fingertips in the process. Make a simple coffee cup sleeve that pays tribute to Jabba the Hutt's distant cousin, Industrial Light & Magic's famous office cafe mascot, Javva the Hutt.


What you need:
* Disposable coffee cup sleeve

* Old sweater with wrist cuffs

* Scissors

* Brown, dark green, orange, and white felt

* Fabric glue

* Needle and thread

How to make a Javva the Hutt coffee cup sleeve:
1. Find an old sweater and cut off the wrist cuffs. Usually these are the perfect size to fit snugly around a standard to-go cup of coffee. If your sweater is too big, you can still cut the cuff and glue it directly onto a disposable coffee cup sleeve that all cafes give away for free.

2. Cut out Jabba the Hutt's shape from dark green felt. Cut out almond-shaped eyes from the orange felt and glue it to the Jabba face. Cut out a thin black strip of felt for his mouth and two small black ovals for his nostrils. Glue the details to his face.

3. Draw JAVVA THE HUTT in block lettering on the orange felt and cut out each letter.

4. Place the letters JAVVA THE HUTT on the sweater cuff. Before you glue the letters down, play with the placement of the letters so they can fit evenly. Glue each letter down (and sew it if you want to ensure the letters won't fall off).

5. Sew the Jabba next to the letters on the cuff (with his tail trailing under them).

6. Go get a hot tasty drink!

Javva the Hutt looks rather happy to help you drink your favorite piping-hot beverage. Bonnie Burton/CNET