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Marty McFly, your Power Laces have arrived

If you've always wanted the automatic power laces from 'Back to the Future 2,' Instructables author Blake Bevin has video and tutorial on creating your own.

There are really only three things I remember about the movie "Back to the Future 2." There was the hoverboard, of course, and the flying DeLorean that ran on food scraps. But the most tangible piece of futuristic technology--the thing every child of the '80s was certain they'd see within their lifetimes--was the self-lacing Nike high-top.

Well, the future has arrived, folks. The DIY motorized laces demonstrated in the above video aren't quite as elegant as Marty McFly's Power Laces, but the end result is much less expensive than a DeLorean and a flux capacitor.

Aside from providing your own shoe and laces, the heart of the Power Laces rig is an Arduino board with a motor shield breakout, a motor, some batteries, and some patience. The creator, Blake Bevin, has a full tutorial on Instructables.

(Via Make)