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Mac tip: Create a new folder for files you've already selected

A keyboard shortcut lets you create a new folder on the fly for files and folders you currently have highlighted.

Here's the scenario: you have selected a large number of files on your Mac to move to a new folder, and when you go to drag this highlighted group of files to the new folder, you realize you forgot to create the new folder in the first place. Your painstakingly selected files ready are ready to go but they don't have a destination. You could create a new folder on your desktop or another folder for these files, but one misplaced click when you return to the folder with your carefully selected files could deselect them all.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

To safeguard against such a tragic waste of time and effort, use this keyboard shortcut:


It creates a new folder -- hilariously and vaguely titled "New Folder With Items" -- within the folder you are currently viewing and moves any selected files into it.

(Via AddictiveTips)