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Keep software up to date the easy way

Computers are all about the software. Keep yours fresh as a daisy by installing an update tracker.

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Computers are all about the software. Web browsers, writing software, tracking tools, photo editors, games and the rest are what brings a computer to life.

To get the best from the software you own you will want to make sure you're keeping it all up to date. Some software is clever enough to let you know when there's a new version available and walk you through the update. But a lot of software won't and you have to make an effort to work out if there's something new waiting to be downloaded.

The alternative solution to keeping things simple is to grab an update tracker!

We have our own CNET tracker called TechTracker, but there are lots of other options out there.

For Windows, one popular option is FileHippo update checker, and on the Mac there is AppFresh. Install one of these packages and it'll monitor all the applications on your system and let you know when there is something new available.

It's nice to know in one quick sweep that everything on your system is up to scratch.