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International keyboards--David's iPhone tip of the week

Your iPhone and its apps can support many different languages. This week's tip gives you some useful information if you are using a foreign language keyboard on your iPhone.

Screenshot by David Martin/CNET)

Your iPhone and its apps can support typing in many different languages after changing a few simple settings. Launch the Settings app and then go to: General > Keyboard > International Keyboards.

Once there, turn on the foreign language keyboards you need and after that you use the small "globe" icon on the left side of the spacebar to rotate through the keyboards you selected.

In Mobile Safari after the keyboard you've chosen is displayed, you can press and hold the ".com" key. The iPhone will then display the most common top level domain names for your country.

We mentioned the US/English domains in Hidden keyboard symbols and more, but in German you'll see .edu, .org, .de, and .com, and in Spanish you'll see .edu, .org, .es, and .com.

This feature is also available in the Mobile Mail app and is consistent among all apps that support the virtual keyboard. However, it isn't always consistent with all countries and in some cases countries aren't represented at all.

You should also take note that the "globe" doesn't appear until you've turned on at least one additional foreign keyboard.