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Instacane shows us Hurricane Sandy photos from Instagram gives us a Instagram's-eye view of those who are in its path.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

For non-East Coasters like myself, it's hard to picture what it's like going through hurricane prep, or even a hurricane itself. With Hurricane Irene last year, Twitter and Facebook were full of photos of what the storm was really like, by those who were in the middle of it.

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, the same type of photos are appearing again, but with a good amount of them coming from Instagram. To make it easy to follow the stream of photos on Instagram, a couple of developers made a Web site aptly titled

Instacane monitors (from what I can tell) a couple of hashtags relating to the hurricane on Instagram, and then displays the tagged photos in one convenient feed.

If you're near the storm and posting pictures on Instagram, tag them with #sandy if you'd like them to show up on the site.

For the rest of us, who are just sitting on the sideline watching, Instacane offers us a glimpse into what this powerful storm is doing. Here's hoping the storm passes without causing too much damage and you and your loved ones stay safe.

Of course, fake photos are starting to show up across all social networks claiming to have been taken during Hurricane Sandy. BuzzFeed has a great roundup of viral photos that aren't from Hurricane Sandy, and an explanation on where they originated from. 

Update, 10:58 a.m. PT: This post was updated to include a link to the fake photo roundup.