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How to watch the Steelers-Broncos game online for free

Don't miss the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. Here are all the different ways to tune in.

NFL Game Pass

The division round of the NFL playoffs will kick off this weekend. On Saturday, we will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots, and later that night the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals will go head-to-head.

The next day the Seattle Seahawks will look to take down the red-hot Carolina Panthers, while the Pittsburgh Steelers will face off against the Denver Broncos.

Whether you subscribe to cable or not. Here are all of the different ways you can tune in:


Games will be shown on CBS, NBC and Fox. These channels can be accessed with a cable subscriptions, or for free over-the-air with a digital antenna, such as the AmazonBasics HDTV Antenna or the Mohu Curve.


CBS will live-stream the Chiefs-Patriots game on Saturday and the Steelers-Broncos game on Sunday at and the CBS Sports app for Windows 10, Xbox One, Apple TV and Roku. The stream will be available for free to everyone, even those who don't subscribe to cable. The network will also stream the AFC championship game on January 24 and the Super Bowl on February 7 for free.

Both Fox and NBC will also be streaming games, but you will be required to log in with a participating cable provider. The Seahawks-Panthers game (as well as the NFC Championship game on January 24) will be available for cable subscribers on the Fox Sports Go website, as well as the company's Android and iOS mobile apps.

Cable subscribers can watch the Packers-Cardinals game on the NBC Sports Live Extra website and through the company's Android and iOS mobile app.

Verizon customers

Verizon subscribers can watch all of the games for free directly from their iPhone or Android smartphone using the NFL Mobile app. Streaming the game will likely eat up a good chunk of your data, so be sure to have Wi-Fi enabled.


NFL fans who live overseas can stream all postseason games live or on-demand with NFL Game Pass. The service costs $100 for a full year of access, but it's not worth it to subscribe if you haven't done so already. You can, however, sign up for a free 7-day trial.