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How to view open Android Chrome Beta tabs in Chrome desktop

Trying to view open tabs from an Android device in the desktop client didn't seem possible, but a savvy Twitter follower saves the day.

When Chrome Beta for Android launched, my biggest complaint was the fact that open tabs on my Android device didn't sync back to Chrome desktop. The sync from the desktop to Android device worked great, but when I wanted to view open tabs from my Android device in the desktop client, they were nowhere to be found.

Thanks to a savvy Twitter follower, I now have a way to access my Chrome Beta tabs on the desktop. And while it's not as clean of an implementation as one would hope, it'll do for now.

It's that easy. Go ahead and try it. Launch Chrome on your desktop and type "chrome://sessions/" into the address bar.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

You should then see a list of all your Chrome sessions, as well as the tabs currently open in those sessions. If your Android device doesn't show up at first, refresh the page a few times, and it should eventually show up. Again, this isn't a perfect solution.

Let's hope having this feature built into the desktop client, instead of hiding it, is something we will be seeing in an update.