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How to use the new Safari features in iOS 5

Safari in iOS 5 includes an impressive new Reader tool, Twitter integration, and privacy options. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to use these new features.

Safari in iOS 5 brings an entirely new experience for those who spend much of their time browsing the Web on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The new OS introduces tools for better news reading, Twitter integration, and a new private browsing option.

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Use Reader and Reading List to keep up with news
Of the new features, Reader and Reading List take center stage; it makes reading news and blogs a more enjoyable experience on the new OS. Now, if you navigate to an article, "Reader" will appear in the address bar. Tap it, and an e-reader-style interface will appear, giving you a simplified version of the text and the option the adjust the font size. That means no ads and no distracting links--just the text.

Reading List, Reader's companion, allows you to bookmark articles for later reading. When you see an article you want to save, tap the action button and select "Add to Reading List." Then, when you have time to catch up on the news, tap the bookmarks button and select "Reading List" to view your saved articles.

Your Reading List is synced across all iOS devices. For example, you can save articles on your iPhone and catch up with them later on your iPad's Reading List.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET.

Tweet links within Safari
Twitter addicts will love Safari's new built-in tweet button, allowing you to quickly share links to pages you browse. Simply tap the action button and select "tweet."

You'll see a box pop up, allowing you to compose your tweet, with a paper clip on the right, indicating that the link from the page you're on has been attached. Note that in order to take advantage of Twitter integration, you'll need to configure it. Go to Settings > Twitter and log in to your account. Read more about Twitter integration in iOS 5.

Surf in secrecy with Private Browsing
Private browsing, a popular feature on desktop browsers, has made its way to your iPhone. With this option enabled, Safari won't track your history or cookies while you're browsing. To enable it go to Settings > Safari and turn Private Browsing on.

Safari for iPad has changed, too. Donald Bell recapped all the new iOS 5 features unique to the iPad, including tabbed browsing and wireless video mirroring in Safari.