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How to use Keep notes in Google Docs

Google's note-taking app Keep just became a little handier.

Making documents using your Keep notes is simple with this new integration.


While Keep has been around for a while, there's a new way to use this note-keeping app. It's now integrated with Google Docs so you can take your ideas and easily convert them into full-blown projects. You can also make Keep notes without leaving Google Docs.

If you're not already a Keep user, the first step is to download the app, of course. It is available for Android, iOS or as a Chrome extension. Check out this article to get your Keep app up and running.

How to put a Keep note in a Google Doc

Using your Keep notes with Google Doc is simple. Just go to the Google Doc Tools menu and click on the Keep Notepad option. A sidebar will pop up with all of your notes arranged in a linear fashion.

To find the note you'll need, just scroll through. If you have a lot of notes, this may be a chore, but there is a search option. Just click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the Notes from Keep sidebar.

Once you find the text, image or checklist you're looking for, click and drag it into your open document. Your note will be copied and pasted, but your original note in Keep will remain unchanged.

How to make Keep notes while in Google Docs

If you think of a great idea while you're creating a doc, you can easily start a new note using the Keep sidebar, too. Just click on the Take Note bar at the top and start typing. If you want a bulleted list, click on the bullet icon on the right side of the Take Note bar. These new notes can be used in Google Docs, too.


Just start typing to create a new Keep note.

Alina Bradford/CNET

An even easier way to make a Keep note is to just type your idea in the open document. Then, highlight what you wrote, right-click the highlighted area and choose Save to Keep Notepad from the pop-up menu.

The reminders you make while in Google Docs will be saved in the Related section in the sidebar. When you look at these notes inside the Keep app, there will be a link you can click to access the document you were working on when you created the note.