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How to use Google Music with iOS devices

Google didn't release a dedicated iOS app for its Music service, but it's possible to access it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Google launched its own cloud music service today, Music Beta, allowing users to access and edit their music collections across multiple Android devices and computers without burdening their storage--everything is stored on Google's servers.

Android users can download and install the Music app on their phones immediately, but won't be able to access all the features, including the Music manager desktop app, until Google grants them an invitation.

Now, what about iOS users?

When Amazon launched Cloud Player, iOS users were also ignored, but the interWebs quickly found workaround. In the same spirit, here's how to use Google Music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Get a Google Music account: To request an invitation, go to

Open Safari: Point your browser to and enter your Google account information. Interestingly, this page is mobile-friendly.

Navigate as usual: Now the interface can be used in the same manner as the desktop browser version. Tapping play will play the music within the browser. (On Amazon Cloud Player, songs would open in the QuickTime Player.) To play a song, tap it, and press "Play" in the navigation bar at the bottom, or click the triangle to the right of a song name and select "Play Song."

Scrolling. To scroll through your music list, drag up or down with two fingers. Be patient--there's some lag.

Navigation works as usual within Safari.

Skip, repeat, shuffle: Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the browser to skip, repeat, or shuffle music. If the player is set to "Shuffle," the next song will play automatically.

Play music in the background: That's right. Exiting Safari will not affect music play. Double-click the home button and swipe to the left to access the music player shortcut. From here you can skip or play/pause your music through Safari while completing other tasks.

Multitasking is also available.