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How to use Evernote's new Post-it Note camera

Snap a picture of a note or list you scribbled out on a piece of paper, and Evernote's new Post-it camera mode will digitize it and, should you use certain Post-it Notes, categorize it.


Evernote updated its iOS app for iOS 7 and introduced a new feature by way ofits partnership with 3M, maker of Post-it Notes among many, many other wide-ranging products. The Evernote iOS app features a new camera mode that lets you take a picture of a Post-it Note (or a square section of any note you may have jotted down on any variety of paper), which it will then digitize, making your handwritten notes searchable. And you can assign actions to notes jotted down on four popular and brightly colored Post-it Notes.

To snap a shot of a note using the new Post-it Note camera mode, tap the camera button in the "Type a quick note" menu at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap on the grayed-out Post-it Note mode option to the left of the default Photo mode.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

After taking a Post-it Note photo, Evernote adds it the small tray in the lower-left corner and stays in Post-it Note camera mode. You can take multiple photos of notes, and when you are done your Post-it Note shooting session, tap the check mark in the lower-right corner. When you return to Evernote's home screen, you'll find that your Post-it notes have been digitized. If you search your notes for a term (and your handwriting isn't too terrible), you'll find that Evernote will return any of your Post-its that contain that term.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The above functionality will work with any kind of paper note, Post-it or otherwise. So, how does Evernote's partnership with 3M factor in here? Well, if you snap a shot of a note on an electric yellow, neon pink, electric blue, or limeade Post-it Note, you can assign an action to each color. There are three actions at your disposal: filing the note into a specific notebook, assigning a tag, and adding a reminder. For example, you can use neon pink notes for your shopping lists and have Evernote file such notes in your Shopping List notebook and add a reminder.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET
Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

To set up these actions for a specific color of Post-it, tap on your username at the top of Evernote's home screen to access your account settings. Scroll down to the Camera Settings section at tap on Post-it Notes. Below the link to order Post-its from the Evernote Market, you'll see the four colors of Post-its. Tap on each color to set it to automatically file in a specific notebook, add tags, and set a reminder.