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How to use Dropbox with keyboard shortcuts

If you're accessing your files via the Dropbox Web site, we'll show you some keyboard shortcuts to make navigating the file browser a bit easier.


Dropbox integration with smartphones, tablets, and computers, makes it extremely easy to access your files from any device or computer.

However, you may still need to use the Dropbox Web site on occasion to access and manage your files. To make navigating the Dropbox file browser a bit easier, try these keyboard shortcuts:

a : select all files/select no files
n : deselect all files
c : copy selected files
m : move selected files
u : move up a directory level
p : select deleted files
i : invert selected files
d : show/hide deleted files
j : highlight next file
k : highlight previous file
spacebar : select highlighted file
o : open highlighted file
esc : hide popup window
/ : search
? : show keyboard shortcuts

That's it. Keep these shortcuts in mind when you use the Dropbox file browser to permanently delete your files from Dropbox; they'll save you a ton of time.