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How to use Alexa to get ready for vacation

Alexa can help you have a better trip with these tips.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but getting ready for your trip almost never is. There's packing, buying tickets, remembering your sunscreen and so much more that can make even the calmest traveler into a frazzled mess. 

Next time, put some of the burden on Alexa. Here's several ways Alexa can help you de-stress travel planning.

Find a destination

Can't decide where to go for vacation? Let Alexa help. The Where to Vacation skill is like playing 20 Questions, except the goal is to discover a destination for your trip. 

If you're arguing with a friend or family member over a location, have each person play the game and see if the final destinations are similar.

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Get help packing

I am notorious for forgetting to pack items. On a recent business trip across the country, I forgot to pack my laptop. I was hours into my trip before I remembered. Don't be like me. Use Alexa to help you pack.

The My Packing Buddy skill runs through a list of items people typically need on a trip and asks you if you packed the item. You can respond "yes" to check off items.

The Smart Packing skill goes a little bit further. You tell it your destination, how you're getting there and the duration of your trip, then the skill will create a customized packing list for you.

You can also create your own packing list without the help of skills. Just say, "Alexa create a list." Then, Alexa will guide you through creating a custom list. Then, when you need reminders say, "Alexa, what is on my packing list?" She will read back all of the items you listed and you can remove items as needed by saying, "Alexa, remove (item) from my packing list."

Plan the trip to the airport

I never can time my arrival to the airport correctly. Either I'm there way too soon or with very little time to spare. The Airport Security Line Wait Times, Airport Delay Status and Flight Tracker skills can help change that.

You can ask the Airport Security Line Wait Times skill something like, "Alexa, ask security line what is the wait time at DFW terminal 9?" The skill will then tell you how long it's currently taking people to get through security so you can plan accordingly.

The Airport Delay Status skill will tell you if there are any delays at your airport so you know if you can leave later. If you want to know the status of a specific flight, Flight Tracker is the skill to use. Just remember to specify the airline and your flight number when you ask for a status update.