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How to turn your iPhone into a Roku remote

Sharon Vaknin shows you how your iPhone can become the remote control for your Roku box, including how to make searching for shows much easier.

CNET Gotham is here and we've stocked the Openhouse Gallery in Nolita (in NYC) with your must-have gadgets, including ones that haven't even hit the shelves.

We've set up stations like the CNET living room (shown in the video), where items like a 60-inch Samsung TV, the Roku 2 XS, and a supercomfy couch come together to create the ultimate tech experience.

I got to play with the Roku 2 XS, which lets you wirelessly stream video and music content from the Internet to your TV, but soon learned that although the device is awesome, juggling yet another remote is just too cumbersome.

To fix this problem, there's a way to forever ditch your Roku remote and control the interface entirely with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Watch the video, shot at CNET Gotham, to find out how.

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If you're in the New York area, check out the CNET Gotham schedule to find out when you can meet the editors, attend workshops, and get your hands on some to-be-released tech. And if you're free Thursday night, check in to our meetup, where you'll hang out with Molly Wood from Buzz Out Loud and the guys from The 404.