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How to turn snippets into full feeds in Google Reader

If you want to view full feeds in Google Reader rather than just snippets, we'll show you how.

Google Reader

The amount of content that your RSS feed displays can vary from a brief summary to almost the entire article. If you prefer viewing the full content of your feeds, there's a way to display them in Google Reader using a Chrome extension.

1. To get started, install the Super Full Feeds for Google Reader Chrome extension. It will integrate into Google Reader and allow three modes of display--readable, link, and feed.

Google Reader standard feed view
Normal view of a Google Reader item with a brief summary. Screenshot by Ed Rhee

2. After installing the extension, a new button called, "Super settings" will appear in Google Reader. A display mode tab will appear in each feed as well. Changing the display mode to "readable" will parse out extraneous Web elements and display only the article.

Readable feed view
Readable view, using Super Full Feeds Chrome extension. Screenshot by Ed Rhee

3. Changing the display mode to "link" will load the entire link into Google Reader.

Link feed view
Link view, using Super Full Feeds Chrome extension Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. Now you can view full content feeds in Google Reader. If you don't want to change the display mode for every item in a feed, you can click on the "Super settings" button and apply your preferred setting for the entire feed. The extension also supports keyboard shortcuts for changing the display mode--8 for readable view, 9 for link view, and 0 for feed view.