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How to turn off LTE on the Galaxy Nexus

Turning off LTE on the Galaxy Nexus is simple, and a great solution should you want to conserve battery power, or you simply aren't in a Verizon LTE market. Here's how to do it.

The Galaxy Nexus has finally landed on Verizon, giving customers their first look at Android 4.0.

With the Verizon Wireless LTE rollout ongoing, users who aren't in a LTE market, or those who want to conserve battery life, can turn off the LTE capability of the Galaxy Nexus. The process only takes a few seconds, as long as you know where to look, and can be easily reversed should you change your mind down the road.

    Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy Nexus. Under the Wireless & Networks section, find and tap on "More..."
  2. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  3. Tap on Mobile Networks at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  5. Select Network Mode.
  6. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  7. By selecting CDMA only, your Galaxy Nexus will look for and use only a 3G connection. The LTE radio will essentially be turned off at this point. Once you have made your selection, press the back button at the bottom of your screen.

Once Verizon Wireless gets around to turning up the LTE coverage in your market, or if you decide saving some battery life isn't superimportant, you can follow these steps to turn LTE back on.