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How to transfer your iPad 1 data to iPad 2

CNET outlines the very simple process of transferring your iPad data to an iPad 2.

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OK, so you just replaced your antiquated, not-even-a-year-old iPad with a brand new iPad 2.

To complete the succession, you have one last task to complete: to transfer all your apps, music, movies, and settings from that archaic piece of "technology" (that was never good enough for you, anyway) to your new honey, who's going to love you forever.

I don't state it in the video, but make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC. Also, just to be completely safe, go ahead and upgrade your current iPad to the latest iOS version as well.

This is a very simple and straightforward process, so if you're familiar with iTunes and backing up or restoring data on your iPad or iPhone, this won't blow your mind.

However, some of us simply plug our iPads/iPhones into our PCs, have them autosync, and never think twice about it. This video is for you guys.

If you have an aversion to moving pictures, I've posted the steps involved below.

Step 1: Connect your iPad 1 to your PC or Mac.
Step 2: If iTunes doesn't start automatically, simply open iTunes.
Step 3: Under "Devices", locate your iPad.
Step 4: Right- or Ctrl-click it and choose Backup.
Step 5: After Syncing is done, unplug the iPad 1 and plug in the iPad 2.
Step 6: iTunes will prompt you to either set up as a new iPad or restore from a backup.
Step 7: Choose Restore from a backup and select the backup you just created and click continue.
Step 8: Once the restore process completes, you iPad 2 will reboot.
Step 9: iTunes should re-detect and begin to transfer settings and data.
Step 10: Once it completes, you're done. Your iPad 2 should have all your settings and data from the iPad 1.