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How to track your packages with Android

Waiting around for a package to be delivered? With package-tracking Android apps, it's safe to go outdoors again.

Are you afraid to leave your home because you're expecting a package? With mobile package-tracking apps, you can track your packages right from your Android phone so you can relax and go get lunch, run an errand, or take your kids to the park. When your package is delivered, you'll know when to come home.

All the major shipping companies have mobile apps. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS have basic tracking components in their apps (DHL's app tracks freight only). Most of them also allow you to find local shipping locations as well. However, the carrier apps tend to lack advanced features, like tracking multiple packages and delivery status alerts.

Package tracking Android apps
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

For more-advanced features and multiple package tracking, we recommend checking out a free Android app called Parcels.

Parcels Android app
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Parcels allows you to track multiple packages from multiple carriers (international carriers, too) and alerts you when the status of a delivery changes. It's very simple to set up and use. You can also view the delivery path of your package via Google Maps and check out tracking details directly from the carrier's Web site, if you so choose. The color-coded list, icons, and carrier labels make it easy to check packages and is a pleasure to use.

With the holiday season upon us, now is a great time to try out Parcels. It sure beats checking individual e-mails all day long and visiting each carrier's Web site.