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See only the people you want in your Facebook feed

Don't like what you see in your feed? Craft it to your needs with these tips.

Screenshot taken by Alina Bradford

Don't be one of those people that complain about their Facebook feed. Be proactive and use these tips to create the perfect feed.

Get rid of annoying people

Are you tired of every Tom, Dick and Harry showing up in your feed? You probably know that labeling people as acquaintances can make them appear less, but labelling everyone can take forever if you already have hundreds of friends. Instead, use the friend organizing tool.

The tool will automatically create a list of people you don't typically interact with. If someone you actually like pops up on the list, then click on their photo to deselect them. Then click on the "Add to Acquaintances" button and the unwanted people will be filed as acquaintances and you won't see them in your feed.

Get your friends and pages back

Do you have the opposite problem and feel like you're not seeing enough people in your feed? Try this:

1. Go to the Facebook Interests page.

2. Click on the "+ Add Interests" button.

3. Click on the "+Create List" button.

4. Use the tool to find all the pages and people that are dear to you. Click on the pages and friends that you'd like to add to your list and click "Next."

6. Choose a name for your list.

7. Choose who can see your list and click "Done."

Now that your list is finished, you can check it instead of looking at your regular feed. Just scroll down to the "Interests" category on the left side of your feed and click on your new list. Everything and everyone that interests you will have fresh posts in the feed, while your regular feed will remain uncluttered.