How to skirt Twitter's restriction on links in DMs

Tired of being told you can't send a link via direct message on Twitter? Me too!

A successfully sent link via DM. Jason Cipriani/CNET

The ability for Twitter users to direct-message one another links to outside sites has been disabled for quite some time now. What started off being labeled as a bug has slowly turned into a real headscratcher. Other than the impending update to Twitter's direct-messaging service as a whole, I can't think of any real reason to leave the feature disabled.

Alas, I often take to Twitter to complain about the inability to send links via direct message to friends and coworkers. Then today, after tweeting a short story about my utter disgust over the disabled feature, I was sent a reply that's changed my outlook for the entire week.

The clouds opened up, a light shined down upon my stockpile of links, and I rejoiced. Loudly.

Naturally I immediately tested the supposed workaround and found it to be valid.

So if you want to get around this super-lame restriction, copy the link you want to share, visit, copy the shortened link, then share away. A few extra steps are well worth the time and effort. Take that, Twitter!

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