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How to silence the camera shutter on the Droid X

The camera shutter on the Droid X is loud. We'll show you how to silence the shutter, as needed.

Droid X Camera
Motorola Droid X Motorola

The camera shutter on the Droid X is loud. Candid photos of animals or sleeping babies are more challenging with a loud shutter. Unfortunately, there's no way to permanently turn off the shutter sound. You can however, silence the shutter, as needed. Here's how:

First method:
Press the Power/Lock Key until the Phone options box appears, then select Silent mode. This method is good if you are already using your Droid X and want to use your camera silently.

Droid X Phone Options
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Second method:
Press the Volume Down Key until the ringer volume is at the lowest setting. This method is also useful when you're already using your phone.

Ringer volume down
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Third method:
When your Droid X is locked, swipe your finger from right to left, at the lock screen. This is useful when you aren't already using your phone and want to take it out quickly for a photo.

Turn off sound at lock screen
Screenshot by Ed Rhee