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How to sell your things on Amazon

Craigslist and eBay aren't your only options for selling old (or new) things online. Dig up your old gadgets and sell them on with Richard Peterson's easy steps.

If you're looking to sell your new or used stuff online, you're faced with a bounty of options. Of course, many people will turn to eBay for a middleman transaction or to Craigslist for a more "casual" deal, but is a third option you might have not considered yet.

With a clean setup, easy-to-use interface, and huge audience, Amazon is a great place to sell your old gadgets, books, appliances, and other goods you might've forgotten about (or never used in the first place).

Of course, you need to know a few things first. CNET's Richard Peterson gives you the lowdown on how to set up your account, things to watch out for, and some no-nonsense tips on making sure your stuff sells and your customers are happy.

So take a good look at that pile of stuff you don't use, put a price tag on it, and cash in with this tutorial:

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