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How to sell your old Amazon Echo

Trade in your old Amazon Echo for cash or credit toward a new one.

Ian Knighton/CNET

Amazon's Echo speakers are impressive. Recently updated with new cloth designs and enhanced sound quality (especially on the Echo Dot) are all welcome upgrades.

Splurging on one -- or more -- is tempting. But what if you already own multiple, older Echo speakers that you paid good money for a few years ago? Don't just kiss all that cash goodbye. Trade them in to Amazon and get credit toward your next Echo device. Here's how it works.

The trade-off with Amazon trade-in

Amazon's trade-in program is definitely convenient, though it isn't perfect. It has drawbacks; the biggest being that Amazon sets the price, not you. Unfortunately, Amazon's price is often much lower than what you originally paid.

There are many upsides to using Amazon trade-in. First, you get the appraised value of your device as an Amazon gift card, which you can use on a new Echo speaker or literally anything else in shopping giant's vast online catalog.

Second, if you do decide to buy a new Echo product, Amazon says it will shave 25% off the list price of "qualifying" new Echo gadgets. An added bonus is that Amazon won't charge any extra fees to do the trade-in and shipping your old Echo back is free.

Amazon trade-in tips

  • You'll get the most for your money if your Echo units are functional, with minimal damage.
  • If there is damage, you might get less money after Amazon appraises the item.
  • It's free to ship trade-in devices back.
  • Only select Echo products are eligible for trade-in.

How much will I get?

Here's a list of Echo devices that currently are part of Amazon's trade-in program, and how much you'll get for them.

Can I sell my Echo somewhere else?

While many internet resellers specialize in tech gadgets, few deal in smart speakers. One website, Swappa, does provide a market for Amazon Echo products. Whatever price you set though, there's no guarantee there will be any takers. 

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