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How to save email attachments in iOS to iCloud Drive

You can do more than just view attachments on your iPhone or iPad.

I spend more time checking email on my iPhone than I do on my MacBook these days. Thanks to OS X Daily, I now have a better way to deal with email attachments on my iPhone. And my iPad, for that matter.

The solution? Save them to iCloud Drive. Here's how:

When you have an email with an attachment, instead of tapping on the attachment to view it, tap and hold on the attachment and then tap Save Attachment. You can then tap to choose a folder in iCloud Drive and tap Move to this location to save the file.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

With the attachment saved to iCloud Drive, you can now open it in another application. With a Word doc, for example, you can open Pages, tap the "+" button in the upper-left corner and select iCloud Drive and find the folder where you saved your file.

Before you can save email attachments to iCloud Drive, you will of course need to enable the iCloud Drive app.