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How to retrieve your Photovine photos

Google killed Photovine, its photo-sharing iOS app, but you've got some time to grab the photos you uploaded before Google turns the lights out.

No sooner had Google taken the wraps off of Photovine than it turned around and killed the photo-sharing iOS app. If you uploaded photos to Photovine, you have some time to download them before Google gets rid of them. Google says Photovine photos will remain on its servers until February 6, 2012.

If you were a Photovine user like me, you received an e-mail this week instructing you on how to get your pics. In the e-mail, Google states:

Just because the Photovine app is winding down, doesn't mean your photos can't live on! Now you can visit and download all of the photos from your account, directly to your desktop!

Click on the link, log into your account, and you'll be greeted with the Photovine settings page. At the top, click the Download your photos link.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Next, from the Photovine Exporter page, click the Photovine pictures link. Your photos will then be downloaded, all located in a single folder. Before you download your Photovine photos, however, check your iPhone's photo library. The photos you uploaded to Photovine are still there, unless you took the step to delete them after sharing them on Photovine.

Matt Elliott/CNET