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How to remove hidden data from your photos with Metanull

Hidden data in photos can provide useful information for later reference. If you'd rather not share this data with others, you can easily strip away the metadata in Windows using Metanull.

Digital photographs, whether they come from your point-and-shoot camera, dSLR, or your smartphone, contain hidden data. Most of the data is harmless, like the model of the camera and settings used in the shot. You might, however, want to limit the sharing of GPS data, which could reveal where you live, work, or where your kids go to school.

If you want to keep all the data intact, but make a scrubbed copy to share safely, you can do so in Windows without any additional software. However, not all versions of Windows support the removal of metadata from photos. Alternatively, you can use a small program called Metanull, which works in Windows XP and up. Here's how:

After downloading the latest version of Metanull, double-click on the executable to launch it. Then, select the photos to be scrubbed. It can be a single image or an entire folder of images. Next, select a destination folder where the scrubbed copies will be saved. When you're ready to proceed with the data removal, click on the Null It! button.

Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

That's it. Now you can freely share your photos with hidden data removed, while maintaining a personal copy with the data preserved.

(Via Ghacks)