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How to record streaming audio

CNET editors give step-by-step instructions on how to record audio being played over your computer's sound card.

Editors' note: (5/10/10) While the author herself did not experience any problems when this tutorial was originally posted, several MP3 My MP3 users have complained about malware and/or spyware included in the updated version of the software.

These days, there is a plethora of audio content available to stream over the Internet. Even traditional terrestrial radio often offers content streamed over the Web, diversifying the choices for how consumers can enjoy music and other audio. Although the legality is questionable, there are--and will always be--ways to record these streams. Streamed audio recordings for music are not going to offer the same sound quality as a ripped CD or even a purchased MP3, but it's a good option for talk programs and mixes that might not be available in other formats. This tutorial will show you how to record streamed audio as an MP3; just be sure to read the usage rules for any recording source before beginning.

Editors' note: This tutorial was completed using Windows XP.

Cost: Free

Time commitment: Varies

System Requirements: Windows