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How to read The New Yorker on the iPad

With the latest update to its iPad app, The New Yorker is now free to current subscribers on the iPad.

Finally, current subscribers can read The New Yorker on the iPad without spending money on top of their subscription. With yesterday's announcement, subscribers to The New Yorker are no longer required to purchase issues of the magazine for $4.99 a pop on the iPad. Authenticating your subscription on the iPad is a quick, four-step process.

Step 1: Download the The New Yorker Magazine app. Don't worry, it's free.

The recently updated New Yorker app gives existing subscribers free access to the magazine. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Step 2: Open the app and tap the red button in the upper-right corner, which will bring you to a page to enter your subscription information. You can either enter your name and address information or, more simply, your subscriber account number and ZIP code. I chose the latter and grabbed an issue of the print edition to find my account number. The app doesn't give clear instructions on how to find the number from the address label, but a quick Google search revealed it to be the 10-digit number on the second line of the address label. Enter it and your ZIP.

Finally, current subscribers get what they've been clamoring for: the end of $5-per-issue pricing. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Step 3: From the same screen, enter your username and password. I didn't have one (that I could recall), and after failing to register a new account using the iPad, I entered it on a laptop and returned to the iPad and entered my account information, which did the trick.

You'll need a account to get access to the magazine on the iPad. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Step 4: Sign in using your username and password and download an issue of your choosing. It took roughly 2 minutes to download the current issue. An amusing yet informative video starring Jason Schwartzman walks you through the ins and outs of navigating The New Yorker on the iPad.

Allow Jason Schwartzman to introduce you to The New Yorker on the iPad. Screenshot by Matt Elliott