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How to quickly access direct messages in Twitter for iPhone

Twitter updated the iPhone app and all but hid direct messages, requiring more than one tap to access them. There is a quicker way to access DMs, however.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

With the latest update to the official Twitter for iPhone app, direct messages seemingly disappeared from the app.

You are now forced to tap on the "Me" tab, and then select direct messages. Three screens and two taps later, you can then view your DMs. Not very user friendly, right?

There's a quicker way to access direct messages, at least in the iPhone app. (Trying the same shortcut on the Android version won't provide the same results.)

Tap and hold on the "Me" tab, and then slide your finger up. Your DMs should then appear. You still are forced to (albeit briefly) look at three different screens, but it eliminates the need for any extra tapping. For many of the Twitter faithful, DMs have become an essential part of the service as well as daily communication. The reasoning for the apparent attempt to hide them isn't all that clear.

If the latest update to the official Twitter for iPhone app doesn't float your boat, there are still plenty of alternative Twitter apps in the App Store. Check out CNET's roundup of the best apps for iOS.