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How to post a blog feed to Facebook

Facebook offers plenty of tools for sharing thoughts and pictures with your people, but importing a blog feed to your Wall is not intuitive. Find out how.

If you've got your own blog and a Facebook account, you've no doubt thought about merging them at some point. Facebook is understandably nervous about users flooding their friends with endless content streams, so each user is limited to one imported blog, and it's not easy to get to the starting point. Here's how you can do it:

  • Find the RSS feed for your blog. This is pretty easy; you can usually find it on the page by looking for the orange and white feed icon or the words "Subscribe" or "Follow" displayed at the top or bottom. Copy the link.
  • Head to Type that into your address bar, as clicking the "Notes" link on your main Facebook page might not bring up the right link. (You'll need to be logged in, of course.)
  • Click "Edit import settings" on the left side of the screen.
  • Paste your RSS feed into the "Web URL" field, tick the box agreeing with Facebook's terms of service, then click "Start Importing."

That's it! Here's a quick video overview: