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How to play Facebook Messenger's new secret soccer game

Facebook is back at it again with another hidden game in Messenger.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Remember the hidden basketball game in Facebook Messenger? It was deceptively hard, yet so much fun. On Wednesday, Facebook updated its Messenger app for iOS and Android. In the change log, the company practically dares you to test out a new hidden game within the app: soccer.

As with the basketball game, once you have the update installed you simply need to send someone an emoji soccer ball to activate the hidden game. With the message sent, tap on the soccer ball to launch the game. The goal (pardon the pun) of the game is to keep the soccer ball in the air for as along as possible. Tap on the ball to start, keep tapping to keep it going.

Easy, right? Wrong. This game is difficult. It took me a few dozen attempts to get over 10, after which all sorts of distractions appeared on the screen and I immediately dropped the ball. I'm currently sitting with a personal record of a lowly 11. Embarrassing.