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How to organize apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Arranging apps is an easy and effective way to organize the screen of your PlayBook, allowing for quick access to your most used apps. This simple guide will show you how to move and arrange apps, as well as designate apps as a favorite.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

The PlayBook comes with some preset app drawers to help organize apps. While the drawers make for a great way to categorize apps, arranging the apps to fit your liking is something you will probably want to do. This simple guide will walk you through rearranging and organizing apps on your PlayBook, as well as show you how to place apps of your choosing in the Favorites drawer.

In order to move around apps on your PlayBook, you need to navigate to the drawer you want to organize. Tap and hold on any app in that drawer, after a few seconds the icons will become animated.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

You will see a trash can under some of the apps. The apps that have the trash can under them are apps that you can delete from your PlayBook; most likely they are apps you have installed through BlackBerry App World. The apps that do not have a trash can under them are system apps, which cannot be uninstalled.

Once the apps are animated, simply put your finger on an app and drag it to where you want it. When you lift your finger from the app, you will see it in its new location, still animated. You can move as many apps as you want, placing them wherever you want.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

You can drag an app to any of the app drawers, they include Favorites, Media, and Games.

We all have apps we use more than others, and having quick access to those apps is convenient. Tap and hold an app you would like to set as a favorite. Drag it up to the title bar for the various drawers on your PlayBook. Once the app is hovering over the Favorites title, you will see a blue highlight behind the word "Favorites." Remove your finger from pressing on the app, and it will snap back into place.

When you are done rearranging or setting apps as favorites, tap the check mark in the upper-left-hand corner. The apps should stop bouncing on your screen and your PlayBook should go back to business as usual.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

You can go to your Favorites drawer and see the apps you have designated as a favorite. Notice in the screenshot above that the apps have a small circle with an x in it underneath them. By doing a long press (the same way we animated the apps before we could move them earlier) on the apps in the Favorites drawer, you can arrange and edit the apps located here. Tapping on the small x will not delete the application from your PlayBook; it will only remove it from the Favorites drawer.

That's it! You should now be able to organize the apps on your PlayBook.