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How to map where your Twitter followers are located

Do you know where all your Twitter followers are located? We'll show you how to find out.

Have you ever wondered where your Twitter followers are located? With a new Web service called TweepsMap, you can map out your followers based on country, state, and city. Here's how:

To start, browse to the TweepsMap Web site, then click on the red "Analyze and Map My Followers" button. If you don't want to tweet your results after the analysis, uncheck the "Tweet my results automatically" box.

Analyze followers
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

When prompted, authorize TweepsMap to use your Twitter account to analyze your followers.

Authorize TweepsMap
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Once the analysis has completed, you'll see a map with little blue Twitter birds all over the world. You can group your followers by country, state, or city.

Followers map
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Clicking on the list view will display a pie graph and a list of locations by percentage.

Followers list
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. After the analysis, you can tweet your stats or share your TweepsMap with others. Keep in mind that not everyone on Twitter has their locations set to exact locations, so those followers won't show up in your list.

(Via Mashable)