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How to make your iPhone 5 'dance'

Using an app called Cycloramic you can make your iPhone 5 spin in a complete 360-degree circle on its own. All the while recording a video of your surroundings. You have to check this out.

When I first read Rafe Needleman's tweet where he encouraged his iPhone to dance, I shrugged it off. Then I clicked on the link in the tweet and watched one of the videos posted on the site. I shook my head in disbelief as I watched an iPhone 5 spin in a circle -- hands-free -- while standing on end. I was convinced there had to be some sort of special effects or movie magic going on. Obviously this was a prank. Right?

Boy was I wrong. So I followed the link to the App Store, forked over the 99 cents for the app, and ran it on my iPhone 5. I couldn't believe it. My iPhone 5 was spinning in a circle on my end table, without me even touching it. While it was spinning it was also recording a video of my surroundings. Don't believe me? Watch the video above.

This app is a great way to impress your friends and family members, maybe even win a bet or two. Just make sure you're using an iPhone 5, as the iPhone 4 and 4S will struggle with turning itself around. I tested the developers warning about it not working on older models and I can confirm, an iPhone 4 will not spin around at all.

What a great idea. If you want to join in on the fun, download Cycloramic from the App Store.

(Via The New York Times )