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How to make playlists on your iPad

Donald Bell shows you how to create and organize music playlists directly on the Apple iPad.

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The iPad's music player is one of those under-appreciated features that gets lost in the daily frenzy of new games and third-party apps. It stands on an odd, yet awesome, middle ground between the full version of iTunes, and the finger-flicking fun of the iPhone/iPod Touch music player.

Some aspects of the iPad's music player are a little quirky, such as the hidden song shuffle. Other features are long overdue, including the ability to manually create and edit multiple playlists directly on the device.

Sure, iPod and iPhone owners have been able to tinker with a prescribed "On-the-Go" playlist for some time now, but the iPad's playlist capabilities are much better and closer to the full iTunes experience. You can pull from whole albums and artists collections, place playlists within playlists, reorganize song order, and mix in podcasts and audiobooks.

To see what all the fuss is about, check out my How to video on creating playlists on the iPad.