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How to make an MP3 CD

Learn how to burn an MP3 CD on your computer that can be played on compatible stereo systems and DVD players.

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The MP3 CD is the awkward love-child of audio CDs and MP3 players--a missing link from an era when the cheapest iPod still cost $300 and portable CD players were still the norm. Still, the format never went gangbusters, even in its heyday.

These days, even though MP3 CDs can be played on many recent models of DVD players, bookshelf audio systems, portable CD players, and aftermarket car stereos, most people are still pretty clueless about the format. It's really too bad, since the MP3/CD hybrid offers some practical advantages over standalone MP3 players like the iPod (no charging, easy to replace, no expensive cables to worry about).

Making an MP3 CD is easier than you think. All you need is a blank CD, a collection of MP3s, a computer with a writable CD drive, and five minutes. To see how it's done, check out my video tutorial and slideshow on burning your own MP3 CD.