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How to keep iPod songs organized in the right albums

When songs on your iPod get sorted into the wrong albums, it makes listening to complete albums difficult. Find out how to fix this common problem.

If you've noticed that some albums in your iPod, iPad, or iPhone's library are missing tracks, you're not alone. iTunes often places tracks (especially those from movie soundtraks) in the wrong albums, making the search for the song you crave a frustrating task.

Sorting by artist can also be buggy--if an album includes songs with featured artists, iTunes will treat those artists (i.e., Britney Spears ft. Will.I.Am) as unique.

This is a common problem, but luckily there's an easy way to keep your iPod songs organized in the right albums.

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To fix broken albums:
Go to iTunes and sort by album. Then, highlight all the songs in the album you need to fix. Right-click your selection and select "Get info." Click yes when it asks if you're sure want to edit multiple items.

Head to the Options tab, and check the box next to "Part of a compilation" and change the drop-down to "Yes." Click "OK."

To fix misplaced artists:
Select all the songs in the album you want to fix. Right-click the selection and click "Get info."

In this window, check the box next to "Artist" and enter the name of the artist. Press "OK."