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How to give a Disney Plus subscription as a gift

Save $13.89 on an annual subscription and give it to someone who really loves Baby Yoda.


You can now give the gift of a year of Disney Plus to someone for $70.

Jon Favreau/Instagram

Disney Plus is the streaming service that's pretty much mandatory if you have kids. Or if you love Marvel movies. Or Star Wars. Or Baby Yoda. Basically, it's just mandatory. (Mandalory? Sorry.) And priced at $6.99 per month, it's not crazy expensive, though combined with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and all the rest, the costs start to add up. 

When it first launched, you could only buy Disney Plus for yourself. But recently, Disney rolled out a one-year gift subscription to Disney Plus for $69.99, making it a great option for the holidays.

There's a little fine print, of course. It's for new subscribers in the US only, so you can't give this to someone to add on to a subscription they already have in progress. But giving the gift of Disney is easy; you specify a day, and the House of Mouse will send an email to your recipient with instructions on how they can sign up and start watching. And over the course of a year, it's $13.89 cheaper than paying month-to-month, so that's good for everyone. 

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