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LG Watch Sport tips: Save battery, customize buttons and more

Not sure where to begin with your fancy new watch? We've got you.

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There are a lot of new features tucked away in Android Wear 2.0, the OS running on the LG Watch Sport.

From Android Pay, to Google Assistant, to stand-alone apps on your wrist, Android Wear can do a lot. We've already covered how to set up Android Pay on your watch, along with providing a healthy dose of tips and tricks for Android Wear 2.o.

What about features specific to the LG Watch Sport? Below you'll find seven tips to get the most out of your watch.


Jason Cipriani/CNET

Assuming you've activated the preinstalled SIM card in your watch, you will see a prompt asking you to set up AT&T's NumberSync during initial setup. Those who purchased the Verizon-compatible version of the Watch Sport will see a prompt for its Message+ offering.

Follow the prompts to set up NumberSync (or Message+) on the watch. The process for NumberSync involved signing into my AT&T account on my phone, then entering a verification code I had received on the watch. A few minutes later, my watch was synced to my phone's number, and messages sent to the phone were also received on my watch.

Save some battery

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Battery life on the LG Watch Sport isn't good. If you opt not to pay extra each month for LTE service on your watch, you can and should disable its cellular functionality to prevent any unnecessary battery drain.

On the watch, open Settings > Connectivity > Cellular, then tap the Cellular switch to put it in the Off position.

Customize buttons

Jason Cipriani/CNET

By default, the top button is a designated shortcut to launch a Google Fit workout. The bottom button is a shortcut to launch Android Pay.

To change each button's function, open Settings > Personalization > Customize hardware buttons. Select either button, then scroll through a list of apps and actions and tap on the functionality you'd like to set it as.

Return to your watchface, then press either button to test your shortcut. Note, the shortcuts only work from the watchface.

Go for a swim

The LG Watch Sport has a water- and dust-resistance rating of IP68. What does that mean exactly? Dan Graziano did a good job breaking down each IP rating in this post.

What it means for the Watch Sport specifically is that it will survive in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters.

Leave your phone behind

With built-in GPS, you can go for a bike ride or a run and leave your phone behind. The watch will track and map your workout within the Google Fit app.

When starting a workout, wait for the watch to display that it has a GPS signal and then tap start.

Protect your gadget

Set a password on your watch to prevent someone from using it after you've taken it off. If you enable Android Pay, a passcode is required.

If you don't use Android Pay, however, you should still set one up.

Open Settings > Personalization > Screen lock, then select the type of passcode you want to use.

Now each time you remove your watch and put it back on, you will have to enter your code.

What's that weird tool in the box?

Jason Cipriani/CNET

A SIM removal tool, of course. The three-pronged piece of plastic fits onto the back of your watch, and with a twist will remove the plastic covering.

Sometimes SIM cards go bad, be it in your phone, and now, your watch. You can then slide the SIM card out and replace or leave it out.

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