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How to get started using Twitter

All the celebs are doing it, and now some of your friends have signed up, too. Join the club and use these tips to get started on Twitter.

Twitter has been around for a while, but with its coming integration with iOS 5 and the unbelievable number of celebrities who continue to join, Twitter is becoming kinda cool.

Celebs aside, there are many more useful reasons to join Twitter. Breaking news hits the Twittersphere first, and whether it's adevastating earthquake in Japan or Osama bin Laden's death, users are always the first to know.

You'll find that Twitter isn't a place where people discuss breakfast (OK, sometimes), but a place for people to connect over common interests and share information.

See for yourself. Use these tips (including ones gathered from you guys on Twitter and Facebook) to set up your account, decipher Twitter lingo, learn a basic strategy for tweeting, and see where you fit into the Twittersphere.

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