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iOS 11.1 adds 70 new emojis, here's how to get them

Tons of new emojis await you, but there's an easy catch before you can start using the explodey-head emoji.

Apple has spent the last few months talking up a range of new emojis. There's an emoji of a bearded person, a T. rex, a zombie and an explodey head for those times you just can't believe what you're being told.

Another notable change after following the instructions below is the 3D touch multitasking gesture, where you press on the left edge of the display, has made a comeback. 

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In order to get the new emoji and multitasking goodness, all you have to do is install iOS 11.1. Make sure you're on Wi-Fi, and go to Settings > GeneralSoftware Update.  

Jason Cipriani/CNET

After the update, all of the new emojis will be in the usual place. The only downside is that only people who are also on iOS 11.1 will be able to see them. 

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