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How to get more storage space for Android apps

Clearing out individual app caches can make way for new apps, but it can also become very time consuming. Follow these easy steps to help you see which apps are soaking up the majority of your cache and new app space.

Having tons of apps to choose from is one of the main perks of having a smartphone. Unfortunately, some apps may be keeping more stuff on your phone than just the core files needed by the app. This "stuff" is the cache for each app, which can be easily cleaned out to offer more space for new apps. Normally, you would need to look at the details for each individual app to see how much cache space it is consuming. However, with the use of one small app you can view their cache sizes all in one place, and then decide which ones to clear. Follow these steps to get started.

Note: For apps you use the most often, you should probably keep the cache if you want them to load quickly. These would be things like your Twitter client, or even Foursquare where many images are needed to load the timeline/client completely.

1. Go to the Android Market and download 1Tap Cleaner Free.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

 2. Open the app and press the Cache Cleaner choice on the left. You will see the amount of cache space each app is consuming. (You can scroll through the list or use the search box at the top left to find a specific app.)

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

3. Press on the name of the app whose cache you want to clear.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

4. On the next screen, press on the Clear Cache button near the bottom.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Optional - 5. Press Clear all cached files button at the top to clean everything at once!

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

This app is great because it doesn't require root access to use like many other Cache cleaners. While you still need to visit the app details to clear caches individually, being able to see all cache sizes at once is definitely handy.