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How to get Facebook Messenger for Windows right now

The official Facebook Messenger app for Windows has been leaked. Here's how to get it.

Facebook Messenger for Windows has just leaked, giving users an unintended preview of the upcoming dedicated chat client from Facebook.

A download link to a private version of Facebook Messenger has been posted by TechIT, as reported on The Verge.

Here's a some screenshots of the app.

Click to enlarge Screenshot by Jason Cipraini

You will have access to chat, ticker and Facebook notifications. The best way to describe it is to take the right side of the Facebook Web site (where ticker and chat are located), rip it out off the page, add notifications and put into a stand alone app.

Screenshot by Jason Cipraini

Your chats are tabbed along the bottom, and you can chat as you would expect from any dedicated desktop chat app.

Download and install the app at your own risk, since this is a beta, an unofficial one at that, chances are you will run into issues. You will need to be on Windows 7 in order to install the preview.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows.