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How to get Android's Roboto font on your computer

Ice Cream Sandwich introduced Android users to a new font called Roboto. The unique font is now available for users to download and use on their personal computer, for free!

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When working on Ice Cream Sandwich, Google aimed to create a font made specifically for high-resolution screens. The end result was Roboto. Up until now, Roboto was limited to Android devices running ICS. Late last week, Google posted it for all to download and use on their personal computer.

You can download a ZIP file containing all 16 variations of the font by visiting the Android Design site.

To install this font on a Mac, you would only need to click on the Install button. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

After downloading the font files, you can either open each design's file and install it to your system or by adding the files to your system's Font folder. The process varies depending on your OS, but generally double-clicking on the TTF file and then clicking on Install will do the trick.

Included with the download is a Specimen book laying out some general guidelines for designing with Roboto, as well as a note stating the fonts can be used "without restriction." In other words--have at it. Create your next school project, write your next love letter, or simply use it as your daily font.

If Roboto isn't cutting it for you, you can find plenty of fonts from Google's Web Fonts. Check out Nicole Cozma's post covering the site, and how to use it.

(via: Android Central)