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How to find how-to videos specific to your car

Whether you want to save a few bucks or just learn to be more self-sufficient, it can be rewarding to fix your own car. Written guides leave a lot to the imagination, but videos can bring the process to life. CarCareKiosk offers hundreds of short car repair videos for many makes and models.

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to take care of more stuff yourself?

Car repair isn't as tough as the pros would like us to believe, but finding reliable information that is also actually helpful can be a bit of a challenge. CarCareKiosk aims to fix that, by posting lots of great videos on everything from changing oil to diagnosing a check engine light. Here's how to use it.

  • Point your browser to CarCareKiosk.

  • Enter your car's make, year, and model.
Step 2: Select car make, model, and year.
Step 2: Select car make, model, and year. Screenshot by Rob Lighter

  • You should see quite a few videos listed under the "Maintenance & Repair" tab. If you don't see something relevant to your problem, click "Can't find what you are looking for?" near the bottom to suggest they post a new video.
Step 3: Select video.
Step 3: Select video. Screenshot by Rob Lighter

  • The "Monthly Checks" list is great for those of us newly determined to take better care of our cars. It's a brief list, and typically can be completed in one weekend afternoon.

  • Finally, check out the "Roadside Emergency" tab. This can be incredibly handy if you find yourself stranded, so you may want to bookmark it on your mobile device.

Note that older cars (before 1990 or so) and rarer models (like fancy sports cars) aren't on the list yet. With enough pressure from owners, the site may start including them, but for now, they have most of us covered.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip!