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How to find flights with Wi-Fi and other amenities

If you'd like to pick your flights based on the availability of Wi-Fi and other amenities, we'll show you how.
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

What do you do to keep yourself occupied during a flight? Read a magazine? Listen to music? Sleep?

Onboard amenities like, Wi-Fi, movies, or live TV, can make a flight more enjoyable or productive. To help you find flights with Wi-Fi and other amenities, has added a new feature letting you know which flights have those services.

When you search for a flight on, the flights will come up with the usual information--departure times, arrival times, fares, etc. In the last column, however, you'll notice a set of icons. Highlighted icons indicate that those services are available on that flight. Hovering over the icons provides additional information, including the breakdown of amenities on different legs of your flight.

Flight search results
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. Keep in mind that airlines can change the in-flight services at any time, so cannot guarantee their availability.