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How to erase all videos from Snapchat Spectacles

Looking to sell or lend your Spectacles to a friend? Do this first.

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Before handing over your Spectacles to a friend, or posting them on eBay to try and make a few extra bucks, you should wipe the device of all your videos.

As we recently covered, Snapchat makes it easy to share your Specs with a friend or family member without exposing past recordings, but it only takes a few seconds to erase all videos from the glasses and provide extra peace of mind.

These steps will clear out the data inside the Spectacles.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Prior to clearing your Spectacles, double-check that all videos are synced to your Snapchat account. Then go to Settings > Spectacles > Manage > Clear Spectacles Storage. A confirmation pop-up message will appear to give you one last chance to cancel out, or tap "Clear Storage" to get the process started.

A few seconds later, all videos stored on your Spectacles will be erased. You will still have access to previously recorded and synced videos in your Snapchat Specs album.